• • • Rodrigo Toscano

  Rodrigo Toscano is an experimental poet and labor activist, based in New York. He has curated the Double Happiness reading series and is author of Partisans (O Books, 1999) and The Disparities (Green Integer, 2001). Atelos will bring out Platform, a major new collection, this year. Barrett Watten has written: “Toscano brilliantly renews a tradition of poetics based in the structuring work of grammar. His work is an ethical disquisition ‘As against / The set relations’ that revises much current doxa on the nature of linguistic agency.”


"12 Riddles of Spirit, Crook in Hand" [audio]

"Writing" [audio]

"Simple Present"

"Premise No. 1" (also as Audio file: click

"dream-construct of a dream constructed"

"The Need-Gene" (scroll down)

"Statement for St. Mark's Poetry Project Newsletter"

"Prologue to a City Poem"


"Jesse Ventura on a Mexico Trade Trip" [audio]

 Satire 1:  "About a Literary Journal"

 Satire No. 3, "My Target Audience, as it is an issue..." (pdf file)

 Philly Talks 5 (pdf file)

"Circular No. 7"

"Blue-Green Superfund Roundelay"

"Die Warheit Ist Konkret "

"About The Amadou Diallo Police Shooting"